Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed a price increase this year. Why is that?

Winning the World Series in 2016 has made the value of the product go up, and the Chicago Cubs have raised ticket prices for not only season ticket holders like ourselves, but for single game tickets as well. In 2019, we decided to move 21 rows closer to the field, which doubled the price of our tickets. However, that is also why we only have two in the new Field Box area instead of four. But in 2020, we moved even closer to the field, including getting an aisle seat, which makes the view even better.

How many tickets do I get?

Our season ticket bundle is for two (2) tickets in Section 125 (Field Box), row 2, seats 1 and 2. Unless a special arrangement is made, you can only purchase the tickets in a set of two. We also added up to two bleacher seats for 2020! Check the availability page on our site and click on the tab at the bottom.

Why are the prices different for certain dates verses others?

There are several levels of games at Wrigley Field, ranging from Platinum (for example, a game verses the Yankees) down to bronze (maybe a game against the Pirates on a Tuesday afternoon). The Cubs determine the pricing for the tickets based on the opponent, day game or night game, weekend or weekday, etc.

Where are the seats located?

The two Field Box seats are located in section 125, row 2, seats 1 and 2. We also have two Bleacher season tickets. Check out the availability page for more.

Is parking included in these tickets?

Parking is not included with these tickets, however, there are plenty of inexpensive areas in Wrigleyville for parking. If you find a place that people can park and you want to share it with others, please do so on our Facebook page!

How do I get the actual tickets once I pay for them?

Starting in 2017, we have decided to go with only eTickets to save time and mailing costs. Once you pay for your tickets, unless otherwise noted, we will email you the directions on getting the electronic tickets to the email address on file with PayPal. You will need the MLB Ballpark App to use the eTickets. You can download the app here. You can also download the PDF tutorial here.